Rarely bought salmon before – knew it wasn’t good. Now will have to stop altogether. (I will miss it a bit.)

Shit You Don't Need

Q1 When you tuck in to your salmon steak, are you aware you’re eating a migratory animal?

Q2 Can you imagine what would have happened if businessmen in London and elsewhere had come up with the bright idea of caging swallows and selling them as food?

Yep. You’d have had every
twitcher, every member of the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, every
bird-fancier the world over protesting in kagoule-clad FURY at the idea of
caging these beautiful migratory creatures that fly huge distances to nest in
our eaves every summer and give us such joy as we watch them wheeling about the

And yet, when those business
consortia started stuffing salmon into sea cages, where was the effing protest?
Did you hear a sodding squeak of dissent? Where was the RSPF when it was
needed? Nowhere, because there is no such thing as the Royal Society for the

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