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It feels like the end of days, don’t you think?

Maybe it’s me, to be fair. I went to a convent school so I’m pretty up on the bible. Perhaps I’m letting my knowledge of scripture and my off the charts anxiety play together too much. It just seems that ever since Boris Johnson was invested (does a PM get invested? Like the cubs? Dib dib dib etc?) that the signs that might be omens have been a trifle ominous.

We have had a serious storm, followed by heat so intense it has melted train tracks, and last night when I attempted to go for a walk, which was more of a slither, I was attacked by a herd of flying ants (flants as we call them). Surely this is the beginning of the plagues?  It’s due to rain later. If it’s blood I shall start the tunnel workings. By…

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Rarely bought salmon before – knew it wasn’t good. Now will have to stop altogether. (I will miss it a bit.)

Shit You Don't Need

Q1 When you tuck in to your salmon steak, are you aware you’re eating a migratory animal?

Q2 Can you imagine what would have happened if businessmen in London and elsewhere had come up with the bright idea of caging swallows and selling them as food?

Yep. You’d have had every
twitcher, every member of the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, every
bird-fancier the world over protesting in kagoule-clad FURY at the idea of
caging these beautiful migratory creatures that fly huge distances to nest in
our eaves every summer and give us such joy as we watch them wheeling about the

And yet, when those business
consortia started stuffing salmon into sea cages, where was the effing protest?
Did you hear a sodding squeak of dissent? Where was the RSPF when it was
needed? Nowhere, because there is no such thing as the Royal Society for the

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Aagh – patio heaters – a personal gripe of mine, too.

Shit You Don't Need

Remember when you were a
kid and you went to a bonfire night party and you stood by the huge fire?
Remember how your front was always roasting and your back was freeeeeeeeezing?

Patio heaters are even less
efficient than that.

My googling tells me they cost anything from about £100 to £570. They heat the open air. The open air is a very big space. It boldly goes all the way to Alpha Centauri and beyond. And when you’ve heated a bit of that air, you have to buy another gas bottle to heat more air.

And yes, I know that there’s an atmosphere between us and the great emptiness of outer space, I’m just trying to highlight the sheer futility of heating the outdoors. Especially as spring is finally here and the urge to sit outside gets stronger and stronger, and you suddenly become aware of all kinds…

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Out of the mouths of babes: Greta Thunberg and being ‘naïve’ on climate

Inside track

gretathunberg_viaflickr_prachataiThis post is by Green Alliance associate Dr Rebecca Willis. It first appeared on her blog.

I can’t stop thinking about sixteen year old Greta Thunberg, speaking with quiet determination to rooms full of powerful people in Davos.

I think that Thunberg has an incredible gift. She summarises, with simplicity and eloquence, what climate scientists have been telling us for a long time: that climate change threatens our future on this planet; and that drastic cuts to emissions are needed, starting now.

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Green Brexit? Not unless the prime minister stands up to her grey ministers

Inside track

gove main.jpgThe Daily Telegraph is reporting what has been an open secret for some weeks: senior Cabinet ministers are sabotaging the government’s promise of a “green Brexit”.

Before the EU forced us to act, the UK had a lousy record on many aspects of environmental policy. Remember dirty beaches, polluted rivers, acid rain? It is now essential that institutions and laws are in place when we leave the EU to prevent future governments from turning the clock back to those bad old days. But the chancellor and other senior ministers are blocking such measures.

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Why Michael Gove should be worried about the UK’s recycling crisis

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plastic-bottles-115082_1280Freedom’s Sentinel, Operation Red Dragon, Liberty Shield, National Sword and Green Quest. They all sound like the names given to military interventions of recent years. And, in fact, they all are, apart from one, which is a Chinese government programme aiming to improve the quality of recycling. And, no, it’s not Green Quest (a short lived American operation investigating terrorist financing sources). Rather, the programme seeking to prevent imports of poor quality recyclates is National Sword, a surprisingly aggressive title for such an environmentally beneficial endeavour.

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